Insurance protects the cargo from any unforeseen situations on the way. The cost of insurance varies depending on the country of delivery and the type of delivery – from 1% to 3% of the declared value of the wholesale batch of goods.

The cargo is insured by the transport company (carrier). It is she who bears full responsibility for the safety of the goods and pays compensation in case of its marriage or loss.

When compensation is paid
Complete loss of cargo (you did not receive it at all).
Partial loss of cargo on the way (there was a shortage in the warehouse upon receipt and fixed it before receipt).

Make sure that the code of your cargo that you previously received from us is indicated on the box.
Inspect the packaging very carefully to see if there are any signs of opening or damage on it.
Weigh the goods, check the weight with the invoice received earlier.
Before receiving the cargo, check the quantity, quality and integrity of the goods themselves inside the package.
What to do if you find traces of opening the packaging, damage or absence of the ordered goods in full?
Do not take the goods from the warehouse until the circumstances are clarified.
Call a warehouse worker or manager, show him the damage or signs of an autopsy.
Document this fact by drawing up an act of non-compliance with the signatures of two parties (yours and the warehouse employee).
Make a detailed photo or video recording of the opening of the goods or the discrepancy between the weight, quantity or product code.
Contact representatives of the carrier or employees of our company Easy China Business and tell us in detail about what happened. Be sure to send photos and videos.
We will review the situation and compensate for the lost in a way that is convenient for you.
In what cases is the cost of goods and delivery not compensated?
If you find a shortage / damage to the goods after the fact – not with a warehouse employee, but at home.
If there is no photo or video evidence from the warehouse.
If there is no certificate of non-compliance with the signature of the warehouse employee.
Please check your item upon receipt. Spend as much time on checking as you need. Take the cargo only if you are 100% sure that everything is fine with it.

As a rule, when ordering small wholesale batches of goods, this is not necessary, since there is a public offer on the site. But if you intend to order a large batch of goods and this is the only stumbling block, then we will meet you halfway.

Yes, if the customer wishes, we provide an invoice.